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Chester Clark

Project Manager | Freelancer | IT Consultant


Chester Clark Glamour

Chester Clark

Project Manager | Freelancer | IT Consultant

Chester Clark is a  Project Manager and Solutions Architect. He is a Project manager for hire in the Philippines. He helps businesses achieve innovation by streamlining their process. His accomplishment shows that he has a demonstrated experience as a Project Manager. He is driven, motivated and can achieve success in project delivery. He is enthusiastic and passionate about his work.

Learning & Development

His various contributions in his field improved his expertise. He continues to do so thru continuing learning and development. He earned his master’s degree in information technology at St. Paul University Philippines last 2004.  He is now focused on taking the Project Management Professional examination within the year.

He designed and implemented several different kinds of software systems & IT Solutions. His training is focus on modernizing business. He finds it easy to identify its potentials where Information Technology can be valuable. He enjoys finding solutions to businesses, where a new system can be designed to help business achieve automation. He was a born a leader, as he was always pushed into some leadership role during his school days. During his free time, he studies & learn new things that interest him most. He is also a fan of outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, trekking, & skydiving. His consistency to pursue, leads him to succeed, in his involvement in any form. People will find him easy to blend with.




St. Paul University Philippines

Masters in IT

11/2003 - 11/2004

St. Paul University Surigao

BS in Computer Science

06/1996 - 03/2000

K Yoerg LLC

IT Consultant


  • Determined client requirements, implement and document improvements needed for Project Management Software for K Yoerg LLC Clientele
  • As an external analyst who provides IT Support & Recommendation for K Yoerg LLC Clientele. Implement & tailor fit minor customization for the recommended project management software.
Siargao Island Institute of Technology

College Dean


  • Oversee student life, develop programs and services and provide strategic leadership on academic programs.
  • Played a key role in ensuring the success of the College activities. Re-designed and implemented new curriculum which builds students capacity on Information Technology & Computer Sciences.
  • Designed a Program of the College which enables students to work by the time they graduate in partnership with JobsDB Philippines, Microsoft Philippines and other Cebu Based IT Companies.
  • Designed & Implemented the Institutions Network Infrastructure with 150 workstations; 2 Computer Laboratoriesl 1 Electronics Laboratory and others respective offices. 
Cliqueight Solutions Inc.

Chief Executive


  • Innovative Online Business Entrepreneur thru tactical leadership by providing online businesses solutions to select industries via a sustainable platform
  • Incorporated a company with a strategic direction with full responsibility for organizing, project implementation, strategic targeted market planning, product management and solutions development. Manage cross-functional management for alignment of goals. Direct Operations for projects & solutions. Manage organizational risk and ensure monitoring. 
iSolutions Software Services Inc

Chief Executive


  • Engage as a Business Entrepreneur thru executive leadership by providing businesses adequate solutions on business innovations in a sustainable information technology. 
  • Lead Operations and strategic directions with full responsibility for project implementations, including long range planning, product management, and software development process. Provide cross-functional management; direct Presidents & CEOs, including all other key managers for alignment of goals during implementation of projects. DIrect all operations for installation and service provisions for infrastructure system; LAN, WAN & Wireless Hybrid. Redefine organizational infrastructure;  oversee major pricing decisions; perform monthly financial evaluation of company results. 
  • Closed deals & Implemented multimillion projects in Cotabato CIty, Valencia CIty, San Francisco CIty. 
Volunteer Experience
Kabalikat Radio Communications Association Inc.

Surigao City


A Radio Civic Amateur Club providing radio communications assistance in times of emergency & disaster.

Philippine Army Reservists Affairs

Surigao del Norte

06/2000 - Present

Project Management
Web Design & Development
Systems Analysis
Business Solution Development
Organizational Skills
Business Commuinications
Technical Writing
Multimedia Skills
Adobe Illustrator
Corel Draw
Adobe Photoshop
Final Cut Pro
Adobe Audition
Adobe Premiere
Language Skills





Alfredo Coro
Alfredo Coro

Mr Chester Yee is an IT Expert than can adapt to any IT project and provide the right solutions to ensure the maximum benefit. It is always a pleasure to work with Chester and…

Aldrin Miones
Aldrin Miones

I’ve worked for Chester for two years and in those years, I’ve seen him quickly take action on new responsibilities while having time to learn something new. I guess you could consider…

Ma. Amah Concepcion Galon
Ma. Amah Concepcion Galon

Chester is a true professional who is very analytically and structured in his way of working as our Project Manager. He is very good at locating the main drivers of a business…



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